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”The Go foundation aims to stimulate youngsters form the Northern part of the Netherlands to grow and increase open-mindedness towards Europe through EVS (European Voluntary Service) and Exchanges.” 

The foundation was founded in October 2014. Prior to the founding of the organization, the current members of the foundation were first involved in organizing mobility activities on behalf of Jongerenwerk Barkema & De Haan. In March 2014, the idea arose to form a separate foundation for these activities as it provided more opportunities for the members as well as the youngsters. What started as an idea was realized in October 2014 and the Go foundation was founded. Since the strong connection with Jongerenwerk Barkema & De Haan before commencement of the activities of Go foundation, the foundation still has very strong connections with the organization in terms of their expertise in youth work.

Since the foundation was found, a variety of activities was added to the portfolio, among which EVS. Currently, the Go foundation was classified as an EVS sending organization. We are happy to announce that our first participant is starting in September 2015 with our first EVS activity as a sending organization. Our aim is to become a hosting organization as well, therefore we try to learn as much as we can on the EVS through our experiences with sending activities, networking meetings and trainings.

If you want to get in touch on the possibilities of EVS, do not hesitate contacting us. You can reach us by sending an email to:


Considering the large amount of requests we receive on EVS we made a list of requirements we hold as a sending organization for EVS to which requests have to adhere. Please consult the requirements below which we hold for EVS activities. If you comply to the requirements we are able to send you a meaningful reply on your request.

  • Your organization needs to be located within Europe: requests from countries outside Europe are not taken into consideration.
  • You are a hosting organization: the Go foundation is a sending organization. Requests for sending participants to our foundation for EVS activities is not an option. We are still working on realizing this.
  • You’re a partner organization or are willing to become a partner organization: we only accept requests from partner organizations. If your organization is unknown to us, we would like to acquaint before considering EVS activities.
  • The EVS starts after two months when sending the request email: short-term applications that should start within 2 months after your e-mail are not taken into consideration.
  • The duration of the EVS projects is a minimum of 6 months: we only accept requests for periods longer than 6 months.