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Go Foundation

values giving information, in a clear and appealing way, and works with low-cost sponsers and other interested parties which they try to involve in the actvities. This is why they only work with volunteer.


The activities of the Go Foundation are fully funded by sponsers, subsidies and gifts. The most important funding comes from:

  • Subsidies and gifts from municipalities in the area of Groningen.
  • European subsidies and gifts from among others:  European Social Fund, Erasmus plus, Council of Europe and European Youth foundation grants.
  • Private organisations who’s mission compliments the goals of the Go Foundation. These gifts and sponsorships can be singel or periodically. There is no minimal amount connected to these gifts and sponsorships.


The Go Foundation will fully dedicate their financial resources to the succesfull execution of projects, exchanges, EVS activities and training for youngsters. Other costs will be dedicated to the website of the foundation, office supplies, bank charges etc. Costs will only be made if the expectation is that it will benefit the foundation.

Annual publications

Every year you can find a publication on the finances of the last year.